10 Interview Questions Clinical Research Managers Will Ask You

Preparing for some specific questions can enhance your chances to get selected by the recruiters. These are prescribed below:

1.     Where do you see yourself in five years?

·        Recruiters want to judge if you are applying for a long term job and you are well aware of your career path. You should be specific and confident about your future goals.

·        Don’t give them a single clue that you are going to change company after few years whether it’s your plan or not.

·        Be genuine and honest and let them know that you are passionate and see yourself at higher positions in the company.

2.     Are you able to overcome any situation?

Recruiters want to know about your skills and capabilities and how confident you are. Share with them any of your experience or story and tell them that you are very familiar with situations that come across and you know how to deal with them.

3.     Any professional achievement?

Tell them about your skills and how you used them to deal with situation and how you can be beneficial for the company in their studies, recruiting patients and helping them to make more money and make them sure that you are capable for this job.

4.     What are your weaknesses:

Be genuine and speak your weakness and then correct it by telling them that how you overcome your weakness. Situations when you were lazy in start of your career but you made grip with the passage of time.


5.     What are your strengths?

Tell them about your capabilities and how they help you to achieve your goals in your career and will also help in future and you are good in developing new strengths and how to adapt new environment.

6.     Why should we hire you?

First of all you have to keep in mind the position you are applying for and let them know about your past achievements and experiences. If you are applying for CRA position, tell them that how passionate you are in case of monitoring your sites and travelling around and interacting with people at sites and within the company.

7.     Why do you want this job?

Tell them that you are sure to pursue your goals and their achievements within this company and you will be beneficial for the company by implementing your skills and experience.

8.     How do you come across this company?

Best way to deal with this question is by telling them if you have any reference in that company by whom you came to know that you can achieve your goals in this company. You can discuss about any website or social media link where you find out about this opportunity.

9.     How did you hear about this position?

Let them know if someone recommend you for this position or you were suggested to apply for this position in this company where you can have better career progressions.

10.Tell me about yourself?

Tell them about your experiences and how you get started in the industry and about all the positions you have worked at. Tell them about your goals and achievements and how passionately you are working for clinical industry and have work on many studies and with many CROs.

These questions can get you the best opportunities but you only need to be prepared and confident and should answer every single question by clearing your thoughts and with full senses.


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