3 Common Reasons Your Clinical Research Resume Sucks

1.     Not properly translated:

· Your resume should be mentioned with the data according to the job you are applying for, making the recruiters realize that you are familiar     with the position.

· Proper terminology is not always used as the appliers did not mention if they have done lab works as a student.

· Job related keywords are not mentioned in the resume which attract the recruiters the most.

2.     Putting too much past job information:

· Putting too much background experience information which are not related to the position applying for.

· The data is not consolidated as mentioning the same experience job again and again.

3.     Sloppy formatting:

· Format of the resumes are not neat and the data is not mentioned in a proper format.

· Resumes are not easy to judge by the recruiter to know if you are a good candidate for the position.

In order to make your resume attractive and effective review the resumes of the people who are working at the position you are applying for. Make your resume clear, neat and properly formatted that will make the recruiters look at your resume and called for the interview.



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