3 Key Areas of Strategic Site Selection

In order to select investigation site for the research studies, there are three key areas of strategic site selections as given below:

  1. Review site’s past performance:

It’s very important to keep in account the past performances of the site on study trials while selecting site for the study. The sponsors do have all the records and data base of the past performances that they can use strategically.

  • Sponsors should keep in mind the patient enrollment that is most necessary for running trials. Patient enrollment can be actual and planned but this is also influenced by the data and protocols provided by the sponsor but patient recruitment should be reviewed.
  • The data provided at the end of the study also makes a difference whether it’s clean or complex.
  • Ease of working with the site makes the study easy and there is no delay in the studies. When it’s easy to work with the site, it saves many resources and cost of the sponsors.
  1. Review site’s startup time:

Reviewing the study startup timeline of the site that you have worked with in past, is another strategy for selecting site. The time they take to start the study and when they wrap up the study is important while conducting study. Other factor of contract and budget approval should also be kept in account.

  1. Reviewing the site’s costs:

The cost of site for starting the study and their performance according to the cost structure should also be kept in mind while going for the site selection. Sponsors should keep in mind that did the site provide them quality of data, patient enrollment and timeline of the study according to their investment.

These are the factor which should be kept in mind while going for site selection and this also help to get a site on the top list for your studies.



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