5 Clinical Trial Trends of 2018 and Their Potential Impact on Outsourcing Decisions

1.     Patient Centricity:

Patient centricity is officially defined as designing a service or solution around the patient. Sponsor Siros vendors stand out of the crowd and differentiate themselves by implementing and applying patient centric decisions and services. 

2.     Risk Based Monitoring

The biggest challenge that RBM faces is to be able to accumulate all the information into centralized decision-making tool. The interesting fact that RBM will bring in 2018 and beyond is how our vendors and specifically CEO’s are going to shift these monitoring services.

3.     Digital Trials

What digital trials will bring into industry are the project management needs. One of the major issue about the digital trial in industry is actually matching all the vendors who are associated with digital trials and trying to bringing it all together.

4.     Adaptive Trial

In clinical trials the additive trials helps in gathering the vendors and CEO’s together who are versatile in scaling things up and down quickly and smoothly who work for a lot more adaptive trial designs. Level of flexibility to moving is going to be needed by our vendors and CEO’s

5.     Analytics:

The predictive analytics are going to play a much bigger and important role than just analytics. Predictive analytics also serve a role in looking at vendors past performance with the organization. Past performance can predict about the future performance of the vendor.


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