5 Quotes leading to Healthy Heart


Looking ways to protect your heart? Keep the following 5 quotes in mind and nothing can stop your heart from being in its best shape.

Stop stressing me out!

No doubt that stress is the worst enemy of your hearts health. Although this is something that is out of ones control to stop completely but we suggest that certain tricks can be adopted to minimize it. If you get a feeling that a situation is heading towards stress or anxiety, move to a quiet place, take a deep breath and focus on triggering your relaxation responses. Stress elevates the count of thick plaques in the vessels around the body. This unhealthy production leads to inflammation of vessel walls thus resulting in extreme blockages which is the ultimate cause of heart attack.

No, I don’t smoke.

A very preventable approach to heart diseases is to avoid nicotine smoke. The fact that you are not smoking does not matter as long as you are under the radar of another smoker. Smoke produced by the cigarettes is overwhelming for your heart vessels and when encountered with this substance, they tend to shrink in size. As the arteries tighten, the blood flow reduces while the demand of blood remains similar throughout the body. To cater to this need, a heart has to work harder than its normal tendency. Uneven heart beats and out of the charts blood pressure prevents your heart from getting healthy.

What’s its cholesterol level?

Eating healthy does not mean that you starve yourself but it encourages you to look for the calorie and cholesterol levels in the food you are eating. Cholesterol in acceptable amount decreases the harmful (LDL) and increases the effective (HDL) cholesterol levels in the blood. High levels of this substance in the blood contribute in the production of fat deposits in the blood vessels. Once little pieces of these oily substances start to pile up in the vessels, they disturb the flow of blood to and from the heart which makes the heart weaker in the long run.

Water over wine!

Consumption of a set quantity of all kinds of liquor is what might prevent your heart from getting affected. Although this might seem reasonable to some extent, there is no denying of the fact that wine might not have anything to do with “good” outcomes of its consumption. The lifestyle that is adopted by the light drinkers can be a reason for their healthy hearts. Alcohol results in high blood pressure which can lead to heart strokes, cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Therefore, when in doubt, choose water over wine.

I’ll take the stairs.

Exercise is the key to healthy heart. It strengthens your heart muscles and breaks down the compiled substances in the blood vessels around the body. As the arteries dilate, the flow of blood becomes normal and the heart pumps at a regular speed thus making it possible for the heart to become healthy. Morning walks, taking stairs when possible, avoiding vehicles for short distances, cardiovascular exercises, and healthy planned diet can be some ways that can lead to good lifespan of your heart.



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