5 Best Workplace Clinical Research Communication Methods

The communication methods which are very important in clinical research are making impacts on industry and in lives of the people:

1.     Instant message:

In order to remain in constant contact with people and to aware them with latest news, information and study, people should use software as Microsoft Lync through which they can make one-on-one communication and also can do group chats and it is also a lot more easier and quicker than sending emails but it is mostly reliable with people within the organization you are working in. It is difficult to message people with different addresses who are working with another organization.

2.     Emails:

Emails are important in workplace communication methods and are used as a professional way of communication. Through emails, one can send images, graphs and any informative content but there are some non-required advertisements and offering weighing our email and to avoid these, only work related items should be exchanged through the email being used for your workplace. Emailing is a formal way of communication.

3.     Phone:

Phone has become the most commonly used way of communication but while working in a workplace, it should be used in a formal manner. By using phone, you can attend your meeting calls by sitting at your desk or you can share information through voice call which is the most efficient way of communication.

4.     WebEx or Skype:

WebEx and Skype are used for online meetings where you can attend your meetings with your team by connecting to them on your phone or computer. On WebEx and Skype you can also share messages, images and your work and people can give their opinions on it.

5.     Face-to-face communication:

Face-to-face communication and meetings are most efficient and people also find it more convenient and comfortable. While working in any organization, people should behave in most formal manners when attending any face-to-face meeting and while talking to a sponsor because you have to show professionalism when representing an organization.


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