Bottling heir tries to develop legal cannabis businesses in St. Kitts

Bottling heir tries to develop legal cannabis businesses in St. Kitts

Cannabis Caper

A private plane carrying Coca-Cola bottling heir Alki David, billionaire Chase Ergen, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Mara Lane (Meyers’s wife) and Lane’s mother – along with 5,000 cannabis plants, hemp seeds and C.B.D. products, all adding up to about $1.3 million  -- arrived in St. Kitts to do business. It did not end well.

David, known for Swissx medicinal cannabis products, was trying to broker a deal with the St. Kitts and Nevis government to “develop legal cannabis businesses in the region.” A well-known tourist destination, the Caribbean island nation is “one of the world’s most untouchable tax havens,” according to Vanity Fair.

David and Ergen came to St. Kitts to negotiate with Prime Minister Timothy Harris. They have a plan that they expect to create thousands of jobs on the island and double GDP. When talks broke down, the two were arrested at the airport. “Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s mother-in-law and wife were cavity searched. We left the airport after the search but were then arrested after trying to leave the island a few days later,” David said.

According to David, “Our intention is to work with the government, the courts, the banks, the business sector and the farmers to develop a fair system that creates thousands of jobs on the island and uses Swissx’s international distribution network to make St. Kitts-Nevis cannabis products among the most sought after in the world.”

David and Ergen claim that they talked to Harris about “coordinating support efforts” ahead of plans to go to other island nations and spread the news of their cannabis business. However, the St. Kitts and Nevis prime minister’s office said in a statement, “Non-nationals would not be permitted to secure advantages over nationals as we set about to build out a marijuana industry. The government has not granted any license to anyone to import plants or seeds into the Federation and that the administration has not had any conversation with any foreigner about setting up businesses to trade in cannabis.”

Swissx is already working with local farmers and businessmen to build a fair and robust cooperative system. They have been moved by both their knowledge of the crop and enthusiasm for its pending legalization. The Swissx CBD hemp company is modeling its St. Kitts-Nevis operations after the massive economic development success the State of Kentucky is enjoying in America for the CBD hemp industry. Swiss believes that Kitticians and Nevisians can experience a strong sense of pride as they travel to the United States and see legal CBD hemp products from Swissx. According to the company, “The major advantage Alki David's Swissx brings to the amazing people of St. Kitts and Nevis is guaranteed off-take for CBD hemp production at fair wholesale market pricing. Everybody wins and wins big.”

The Swissx team recognizes the need for proper education on the burgeoning CBD industry for business to prosper. David and his team are committed to this educational foundation and plan to publish support materials, collateral and findings on CBD hemp plant medicine.

Cannabis plants produce more than 400 different compounds. More than 60 of them, which are specific to the plant genus Cannabis, are called “cannabinoids.” One of them, cannabidiol, or CBD, has  medicinal and therapeutic effects. Cannabidiol does not get people high, so it can avoid the legal ban on marijuana.

  1. There has been a fair amount of confusion surrounding the legality of hemp oil UK. But while the vast majority of cannabinoids are controlled substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act, rest assured that CBD oil is legal across the UK for medicinal purposes, provided it has been derived from an industrial hemp strain that is EU-approved. These strains contain very little to no THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid).

  2. It's a loophole in the law as long as vendors sell them for tobacco use only they cannot establish the intent of the buyer thus it is not illegal to sell them unless people know they are going to be used for marijuana specifically.

  3. This is definitely a hot topic now. I have finished reading Medical Cannabis: A Balanced, Evidence Based Look Beyond the Propaganda


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