A Better Way to Take Meeting Minutes - Clinical Trials Industry

Meeting minutes are very important in clinical research especially in project management. Mostly in clinical research, meeting minutes are performed by someone on the project management side as clinical trial assistant, project coordinator and project specialist. Meeting minutes include all the important information that was discussed in the meeting. This is beneficial especially when researchers on research study trials want to recall those discussions that were made in the meeting.

Frustrating job:-

Taking meeting minutes is a tough job because it takes a lot of time and mental bandwidth to be able to understand what is going on in the meeting. They also have to go out for the updates from the project team and sponsors regarding to the meeting. After making the meeting minutes after the meeting, they have to send it to the project team. Team can criticize their work that can be frustrating.

Ø Meeting minutes can last from minutes to hours but it also depends upon the skills and methods for taking the meeting minutes. Some people only highlight the important discussed points rather than writing the whole lines and discussions.

Recording the meeting:-

Recording the meeting discussion is the best way to make meeting minutes more efficiently and with better manners. This eliminates most of the errors and missing any data. Through this recording, the person performing meeting minutes can bookmark it to categorize the discussion for each section and can highlight them. This has its own purpose to follow the agenda strictly to avoid any difficulty in the order of the meeting minutes.

Recording the meeting is helpful in saving huge amount of time as they don’t need to reach out to the team for their updates. They can simply listen to their recordings and can make report of meeting minutes.


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