A vision for CODE – perspectives from the Founding Biopharmaceutical Members

Code stands for collaboration for oncology data in Europe. It provides a platform as a novel opportunity to come together in a cross-sectoral way with other pharmaceutical manufacturers, with patients and with physicians to focus on quality of information in order to improve the quality of care fir cancer patients.

This collaboration enables to address those issue of being able to provide real data so that patients, payers, hospital administrators and physicians can understand the ways to use the cancer medicines.

The biggest benefit of code is that it gives more information that can be utilized to help patients, to help healthcare system to achieve their sustainability targets and most importantly to keep innovation thriving in Europe.

One of the challenges in Europe specifically for the development of innovative solution for access is the lack of reliable data infrastructure that can allow the tracking of utilization of cancer medicine.

In present days, there is lack of information to how to use these medicines and products in real life where code is helping to understand this utilization of medicines in a better way and to implement innovative schemes into access to artwork for the patients.

Code provides a great opportunity to collaborate across stakeholders to document the use of oncology medicines but also to develop independent flexible agreement that can enable better relationships between the value of the medicines and pricing that is resulting.

In this era of development and innovation, people are able to react in a better way and to plan and can make better decisions with more information. Healthcare industry needs to contribute for the generation of data, evidence and commonly shared knowledge throughout the cancer care continuum to benefit the patients.


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