Addressing Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Delays - Part 1

CTA negotiation is a massive problem in our industry. This affects our patients and their treatment. The reason behind this challenge is insufficient site budget negotiations. Some people who are working in this field go through the legal language of CTA with a site only to be stalled by the actual budget negotiations before that legal aspect comes in their way to stop there CTA budget. There are two ways by which we can fight this giant hindrance in the Clinical Trial Agreement.

1.    Provide procedure-level site budget

Some sponsors neglect the actual need for budget and do not provide sufficient budgets to the sites to complete their procedures accurately. The budget cost must be able to cover all the requirements of site operations.

2.    Provide justification document upfront

If the site has any document that mentions the fixed prices between the website and the sponsor, then it must be revealed at the time when the sponsor is providing the required budget.


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