Addressing Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Delays-Part 2

We were discussing the CTA negotiation which is proved to be a discomfort in our industry of clinical trials. We are continuing the discussion from where we left.

3. Poorly managed CRO negotiations

Some CRO’s lack the skills of communicating with the sponsors directly when they think that things are not going well. Site is investing all of its resources and money, and when the results do not match their expectation, they feel disappointed about the CRO and annoyed by their performances.

In this situation, we suggest CRO take some time and go for a conversation with his sponsors over a call or conference calls.

4. Discuss communication strategy for escalations.

The site must know what the exact time is, for having a conversation with a sponsor or with whom they should have a chat. These two types of communications are essential for business. These conversations are a sign of a healthy relationship between the sponsor and the site. The purpose of these meetings is to make sure that the negotiations that are outsourced are going smoothly and perfectly. 


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