Addressing Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Delays - Part 3

Continuing the discussion with the villains that are affecting the CTA negotiating.

5. Peripherals

These are things such as internal processes that effect the CTA negotiations. It includes documentation, pre-study visits, IRB approval, ethics committees and IRB approval local. We would suggest some things that you could do at your organization to help in streamlining the negotiations of CTA delay. All the documents must be sent to a site in alignment so it can check that the details about how in which factors, the budget given by the sponsors is utilized and additional your documents must be provided early. By following these two steps, you can regularize your internal processes in better ways.

6. Align internal processes:

Your internal processes are one of the biggest things that get into CTA negotiations. Make sure that all of your documents that you are sending to a site are well-aligned, so they can be studied easily and would not be misunderstood by the reader. Show the facts and figures in your documents that show what given cost is utilized in the internal processes. 


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