Addressing Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Delays – Part4

Continuing with the 4th part of our video that tells how to fight the CTA negotiations delay.

6: innovation and Adoption:

These two villains are contributing to the CTA industry. Not for a specific site or specific CRO, it is considered as an industrial villain. We do not adopt new ways of working in our CTA negotiations. We keep implementing new tasks on old methods of processing. Over time, we need to make adoptions of Master CTA’s for better-negotiating purposes. Not only for your site, have we needed to adopt new initiatives as an industry.

We need to bring new technologies in our industry, to make our clinical trials profession, modest.  Our old techniques are getting slower for today's need for data processing. We need to update our internal processing systems. This can be done for both, organizational or industrially. You should innovate new technologies that would help you in negotiation purposes in your organization.


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