Always Open Computer Items as a Clinical Research Associate

Things that a CRA keeps handy in his computer and use them on daily basis are the trackers that are discussed below:

  1. FAQ LOG:

FAQ LOG contains the information of the patients and concomitant medications that are not involved in the protocols that patients end up taking. Sites can ask questions regarding to the patients and used medications and to answer these questions FAQ LOG is used that contain all the information. CRAs always keep this FAQ LOG in their computers.

  1. Site management tracker:

Site management tracker involves all the information regarding to the sites that are assigned to the CRAs and this site management tracker is always kept updated by the clinical trial lead on the study. It includes the list of all the sites, their contact information, email addresses, fax numbers and this can help you to contact anyone that is available on study site. This also helps to controls multiple sites at the same time.

  1. Microsoft One Note:

One note is used to keep information of the management, calls, visits, email addresses, contacts of the site personals and all the information relevant to the site and you can refer to those when asked by the site. These informations are always kept up on computer while working on a study.

  1. Protocol:

A monitor and a person on clinical monitor side should always be well-versed about the study protocols. These protocols can be of hundreds of pages that’s why a recent and most updated version of the protocols should always be kept up on computer.

Project team is responsible for creating these trackers, distributing them among the CRAs and maintaining them for new updates. These trackers should always be kept up on computer in order to answer any question asked by the recruiter that can be difficult by opening the folders for multiple times to answer queries.



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