Factors developing Alzheimer’s and its cure



Alzheimer is a type of mental disorder which causes problems of memory loss, thinking and behavior.

The greatest factor for developing Alzheimer is the age, the older you get the more likely you are to develop Alzheimer. The second risk factor is your genetics, sometimes people contain EPOE genes, which are characterized by EPOE2, EPOE3 and EPOE4. EPOE4 which is considered to have higher risk for developing Alzheimer. If one has two EPOE4 gene you are twelve times more likely to develop Alzheimer.

You can also get Alzheimer in heritage but still there is no treatment yet Introduced hence ignorance is the blessing. What’s good for heart is good for your brain and if you are smoker or overweight then these are the factors to develop Alzheimer. Alzheimer cannot be prevented but its risks can be decreased. Researchers are working for the prevention of Alzheimer. They are observing families in different countries having very high symptoms of Alzheimer and they are given proper attention but there is no prevention at the moment.

Staying healthy can slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer, as making new memories and thoughts and always staying around a lot of positivity because health is the only key to slow down Alzheimer. Keep your brain and body healthy and active can help in increasing your cardiovascular health. All these thing will help you slow down your risk for Alzheimer. From prevention trials what we can do is try to prevent the creation of earlier disease and this disease stays under formation for fifteen years before you can see the symptoms for Alzheimer.

The list of theories given on Alzheimer is endless. From the imaging studies, theories are made as it is because of pathophysiology of aging, protein deposition problem, autofagy as the recycling of body’s own tissues and different preventions and restrictions are given depending upon their theories but these are not working as to reduce the risk factor for Alzheimer.

A lot more efforts are made for developing therapies and to know the ways how this disease progresses. Some people call Alzheimer type three diabetes.


The Alzheimer research team is working for a long time and are looking for different ways and mechanism to tackle the disease. Necessary awareness should also be provided about this disease and especially for the care takers of these patients because the Alzheimer’s patients doesn’t really know how bad this disease is for them.  Their care takers are facing the actual troubles.



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