Alzheimer's Talk Ep.5: Free Tools to Assess Mild Alzheimer's Symptoms

Alzheimer’s is the disease that most commonly affects people with age more than sixty and it continues to get severe as the age increases, and they should be given the annual cognitive examination.

People live more nowadays than in the past when the disease was first discovered because doctors are addressing and giving awareness to the people with this disease.

It’s a fact that this disease and the features associated with it can be understood by studying the brain tissues. Most of the time, when scientists diagnose Alzheimer’s some common infections, deficient vitamins and depressions are neglected.

People should rush to the doctors in the first place if they are having any doubt because early diagnosis is the best option to prevent Alzheimer’s because it does not have any cure introduced yet and it cannot be cured at a severe stage.

People can get EPOE4 that are responsible for Alzheimer’s disease, in their heritage from their parents or somewhere from their ancestors, and those people have higher risks for developing Alzheimer’s then others.

Prevention study:

People within the age of 60 to 75 are under consideration for the study and are treated dedicatedly with a therapy called immunotherapy to get rid of beta-amyloid plaques from the brain. This is a cure for the earliest stages of the Alzheimer’s, and it’s the treatment of inclusion.

Scientists are trying to find out ways to cure Alzheimer’s by the use of immunoglobulin and by the generation of new cells by stem cells.

People should stay active and conscious about their health and their conditions. They should consult any doctor if there is anything abnormal happening to them.

Health and diet:

Taking Proper and healthy nutrition, staying active in both physical and mental terms, proper hydration, and exercising our brains by learning new things and memorizing things can be the best prevention from Alzheimer’s disease. All these things also make you a better and exciting person.

Diagnose Alzheimer’s:

There are many ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s. It can be done through conversing with the patient and having a dialogue with him. There can be many other symptoms as people sometimes cannot remember things and completely forget about them, which leads us to identify Alzheimer’s.

Taking precautions in the early stages is the best option that can exclude the disease-causing cells from the brain which is not possible when they grow fully, and this will help to keep your mind healthy for future thought and memory because your thoughts that you have lost cannot be recovered, but future can be recognizable.



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