Do people with Alzheimer's know they have Alzheimer's?


Alzheimer's is a type of dementia as dementia is the combination of both memory loss and loss of other neurological functions and it could be as simple as egg nausea which is the inability to recognize normal objects and cannot differentiate. Dementia is also different from amnesia which is just memory loss.

Some people find that something is missing as they are not working at same level as they use to and when their dementia gets severe they become very defensive for their memory loss. Dementia patients starts confabulating as they start making things up.

The main area of focus is amyloid plaques. In Alzheimer's disease, amyloid plaques develop inside the brain abnormally. Alzheimer's disease is either eliminating the plaques once they are already formed or trying to prevent the plaques from being formed in first place and these plaques within the brain really slows down the brain. At first they are in the temporal lobes of brain then it can progress and whole brain becomes riddled with these beta amyloid plaques. Researchers are preventing these plaques by stopping certain enzymes or removing those plaques via antibodies or other source.

There are theories as its environmental disease or some pesticides, heavy metals and some say it’s genetic. Our body is a collection of organ system and we have neurological system as well and it’s in brain, spine and nerves. And when the person starts to unfold, it develops different diseases which can be its brain as Alzheimer's disease along with other neurological disorders. We know that one by fourth of Alzheimer's patients can develop psychosis and can have false beliefs, can hallucinate and delusions occur. A person with initial stages of Alzheimer's can be prevented from getting worse but when it’s severe then they cannot get back to where they use to be.

Through researches we are able to recognize some chromosomes or alleles on those chromosomes but clinically we cannot recognize those alleles with some common lab tests. We have a radiological marker which can help to identify plaques in brain. Alzheimer's disease can be recognized by talking to people and diagnose them according to their memory scores. Researchers are trying to develop ways to prevent the psychosis and hallucinations that occur in Alzheimer's disease. We have antibiotics that can go in and locate the plaques and can remove plaques. Alzheimer's cure can come in the form of genetic editing and stem cell research.

Alzheimer's could be genetics or could be environmental though there are something in their genetics that prevents Alzheimer's disease or they are eating foods that are antioxidants. The best way to deal with Alzheimer's disease is to be very healthy in term of both body and brain.

You can see imbalance in neurotransmitters that is neurodegenerative disease, in which certain areas of brain will start to degenerate and as it progresses, the disease also progresses, as that is occurring you can have alteration and say acetylcholine and dopamine and serotonin and that imbalance is the problem that should be fixed via different mechanism


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