Ways to slow down Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more and more a burden for the life of patient and their caregivers in our society nowadays. Currently a patient with Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed every sixty six seconds. Scientists have developed new treatments and clinical trials for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and now have better understanding of pathophysiology for Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s very important for the patient to be a part of this treatment and because of its study new treatment can emerge for this destructive Alzheimer’s disease.

We can slow down Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages, if its symptoms are recognized at its early days and these clinical trials target the patients with early dementia stage. While at the severe stage of Alzheimer’s disease, nothing can be done.

Right now, in United States, Alzheimer’s disease is number sixth top death causing disease and it will be top third in the next twenty years. We have better opportunity to understand the action of disease and of the medication targeting the proteins causing Alzheimer’s disease. We encourage patients of Alzheimer’s disease to be a part of this for a better quality of life for themselves and for their care takers.

In the next ten or twenty years or maybe less there will surely be a cure to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

There are certain complications that come with Alzheimer’s disease as perspiration, pneumonia and since the patient cannot take care of themselves, and they cannot feed themselves and cannot take care of their needs, the Patient dies due to these complications. Alzheimer’s disease is not a part of normal aging, it is a pathological condition.



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