Tools to assess mild Alzheimer’s symptoms

Alzheimer’s disease is problem that affects individuals over the age range of sixty five. However, by the time they get to the age of eighty, fifty percent of people will be impacted by this problem. Doctors address the people regarding such diseases and they live longer now. It a one hundred percent diagnosis, if we scoop out some brain tissue and look for the mnemonic features associated with the illness. Mostly, when we diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, somebody has an infection, deficient of vitamins and depression. There is no way of curing this illness and it is best opportunity for someone to check out himself if he realizes any symptoms. In past, we study diagnosis of exclusion that now we think of diagnosis of inclusion. Much of the research work that’s done is for preventions of Alzheimer's disease. Individuals, who are not homozygous carriers of the apolipoprotein for earlier, their mom and dad gave them apolipoprotein in heritage and these individuals are higher for developing Alzheimer’s disease. So the study says, considering those individuals between the age of sixty up to seventy five and treating them proactively with either an act of immunotherapy that gets rid of beta amyloid plaques in the brain or a beta amyloid converting inside which would do a similar function and what we're trying to do is avoid answer to be either mild cognitive impairment, which appears to be very earlier staging associate with memory problems that might not go away and we just start treating them with initial portion of that clinical trial.


                       Alzheimer's disease occur due to the presence of EPOE genes in brain which come in four variations and EPOE4 contains the major risk for developing Alzheimer's and as the number of EPOE4 enhances, the more will be the risk for developing Alzheimer's. Patient should be given initial clinical trials and should be given some healthy tasks , to keep his brain and body healthy at the same time as he should start exercising, learning new language and should socialize himself to keeps the rest of his memory safe and by staying active he will start remembering things and can also become able to distinguish between different things.



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