An Intro to the Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe (CODE) and the Oncology Data Network (ODN)

Physicians have made remarkable advances and improvements in treatments during the period of collaboration between CODE and ODN. It also comes with the cost. There is also a gap that they don’t know the treatments delivered in the real world in real time. They do not know how to maps them onto research, on use of innovative new drugs and on treatment guidelines.


Cod stands for collaboration on oncology data in Europe. It’s a concerted large effort to bring major European cancer centers together. Its purpose is to better understand the real world use of delivering chemotherapy.

Code initiative is important as it helps to get the collaboration throughout the European country. This helps in gaining the data available in different centers in an organized way to make an impact on strategies in clinical practices.


ODN stands for oncology data network that is a cooperative data sharing network. This provides the ability to give people back their information about what happened during the course of study. Creating the structure within the data model help physicians to understand their treatments, comparing it with other center’s treatment and makes sense to them as clinicians.

At the end of the day, this collaboration enables the healthcare scientists to provide best description of quality of care and service they provide to their patients. This will also be facilitated to scientist and medical community.

Governance structure of CODE and ODN:-

Governance is important because when professionals deal with real patient data in real time, it's important that the information of the collectors done in a way that's safeguarded. They need to make sure that they are respecting principles of transparency, openness. They ensures that the oncology community themselves will get value from it.


Benefits to patients:-


·        This collaboration is an opportunity to come together in a cross-sectoral way with other pharmaceutical manufacturers, with patients and with physicians. They can altogether focus on information to improve the quality of care for cancer patients.


·        Patients want quality and consistency and oncology data network can give physicians uniquely individual insights.


·        The benefit of this initiative is to work with multiple stakeholders. This enables to bring innovation into the way of giving access to the patients and to link the value into clinical trials in real life and in real time.


·        Every center that joins the network makes the entire network more valuable and more powerful for all members.


Physicians can better understand in the real world about delivering the cancer chemotherapy with more information. The quality of service will be better to deliver the community of patients they serve.


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