An introduction to Healthcare Provider Analytics from the Oncology Data Network

Key features of oncology data network are as follows:-

  1. It’s secure.
  2. Collaborative.
  3. Contain powerful analytical tools.
  4. Flexible.
  5. Collates existing data.

Deliverings of oncology data network are as follows:-

  1. Up-to-date real world data.
  2. Scale a European network.
  3. Comparable information enables benchmarking.

Oncology data network provides the platform that can be utilized by the clients to explore various needs as follows:-

  1. Patient population’s use of anti-cancer medicines.
  2. How patient population’s compare to others in network.
  3. How treatment patterns evolve over time.
  4. To learn how innovations are changing practice.

There are five parameter of oncology data network as follows:-

  1. Patient’s attributes involve weight and body surface area, age range, performance status and gender.
  2. Disease parameter involves primary cancer diagnosis, histology/morphology, biomarkers and stage.
  3. Regimen shows reference standards, anti-cancer medicines, local regimen variations and line of therapy, cycle and dosing.
  4. Geography revolves around benchmarking across ODN, My centers, regions, country peer group and national.
  5. Timeframe indicates prior month, prior quarter, prior year, monthly, multi-year, regimen duration and cycle duration.


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