An Introduction to the Governance and Data Privacy of the Oncology Data Network (ODN)

The first thing that IQVIA has done as a part of governance is creating something called analytical and clinical steering committee. This is where they brought together the leaders from oncology to work in a collaborative manner. They will work with IQVIA for providing constructive feedback on what they are doing and for creating code.


Governance is very important especially when the healthcare industry is dealing with real patient data in real time. All the information that is collected from patient should be processed with safeguarded manners.

Vital oncologist role:-

The important role that oncologists as physicians can play is to try to guide the initiative from a clinician perspective. They will do this for both purposes as for generating the data and to have the ethical and privacy points.

Data privacy:-

The professionals have to address the issue for patient privacy. Protecting patient’s privacy is one of the things that team working on code. ODN has also spent huge amount of time and effort on this very purpose of data privacy. Healthcare professionals at IQVIA are also working with other European organizations in order to make sure that they are also satisfied with applied approaches. This is to make them comfortable with the ways of dealing with patient data. They make sure to respect the principles of transparency, openness and making sure that the oncology community will get value from it.


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