An Introduction to the IQVIA Institute and Algorithmic Art

IQVIA is the institute for human data science that was created to provide a timely credible and fact based voice in healthcare. Its main purpose is to help people for the better understanding of the progressions is healthcare systems.

There have been so many complexities in healthcare and answering to these complexities and drawing insights is not been an easy task. In order to understand the complexities in healthcare, professionals take multidisciplinary approach in their research institute and with academic partnership. This approach continuously combines human science expertise with the latest data sciences and these operations are supported by the technology that can handle massive and complex dataset.

IQVIA is using its human data science to answer the biggest questions that have been raised by the world to healthcare system. It is trying to elevate its analysis through domain expertise and is also committed to look at the human side of healthcare. New streams of data and methodologies have made it easy to see the new images of the healthcare system.

Algorithmic Art:

Researchers at IQVIA are applying data science and medical insights to huge non-identified data that they collect from hospitals, clinical trials, pharmacies and smartphones and they are creating a natural revolution beyond traditional data science to human data science.

They illustrate the purpose of their institute by showing integration of data science and human science in a unique way. For this purpose, they develop algorithms that transform all the complex data into algorithmic art.

The algorithm ingests each data set and plot the value visually. These values are displayed first in a single dimension and then in multiple dimension. The final shape of the data reflects the strength of the data. More insight studies can be done by moving inward and outward that helps to learn about all the nuances and complexities. Algorithmic art makes the human data science more beautiful.

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