Apple Is Entering Clinical Trial industry!!!!!

Apple Company is entering the clinical research with their focus on taking the initiative for digital health.

They are helping the healthcare providers by enabling them to deliver best care to their clients through powerful intuitive tools and technology to work more efficiently within their hospitals, connect with their patients remotely and in conducting groundbreaking medical research.

Custom apps:-

Apple is creating custom apps for the medical research with the help of which medical researchers can take their studies into real world by building apps with researchKit. The open source framework streamlines the process making it easier to enroll patients, capture informed consent and gathering medical information more frequently rather than making periodic visits.

These initiatives can help every study to have its own app for the conduct of all the procedures and documentations. These can help the patients, PIs, monitors, for the data management purposes where they can find their reposts, data and all the progress related to the study.

Apple products for data collection:-

Apple can use its apple watch, phones and other apple products for every individual person to collect their data remotely. With the help of this watch, they can collect data on each person that can be utilized to run clinical trials.

Sponsors and CROs can buy the data from apple that they need for their research studies making it simpler and easier for them to start and conduct their research study.


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