Apple Opening Office in Clinical Research Hub Raleigh NC

Apple is opening its office in North Carolina in Raleigh Durham area that is the hub of the clinical research industry and its one of the best hubs. This Raleigh Durham area is one of the best places especially for clinical research because of the very low cost of living. There are also well recognized clinical research industries, universities and healthcare institutes in this area performing thousands of research projects and had huge successes in recent years. There is a lot of clinical activity happening in Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina.

Opportunity plus competition:-

Apple Company is not particularly in clinical business but they are opening their second campus in Raleigh Durham area that will also open up ten thousand job opportunities for the people in that area. This is a great opportunity that also creates competition and many people from clinical industry as statisticians, data managers and data security can jump to Apple Company. This will increase the demand for those positions along with the salaries for those individuals.

Apple in healthcare:-

Apple is also trying to get into healthcare space through their health watches and health apps in their mobile phones syncing with the electronic medical records. This is reason why they are opening their branches in Raleigh Durham area that is the hub for clinical research industries.  

This is also beneficial for the healthcare as it can allow the healthcare to get better and faster data from the patients through the apple watches.


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