Apple Watches New EKG Reader and Clinical Trials Application


Apple company is building their headquarter in Raleigh Durham that is the research hub for the clinical industry and this will help them for partnering with biotech and with pharmaceutical companies. Apple is launching their latest Apple watch with health featured apps. Apple watch has many of the new updates as given below:

1.     It has 30 percent larger edge to edge display with curved corners.

2.     Slightly thinner.

3.     Reliable reception.

4.     Two times faster new processor.

5.     The side dial called digital crown give feedback through vibrations.

There are also some of the most advanced features in the latest version of Apple watch that are given below:

• It can detect any adverse event when you fall by calculating wrist trajectory and through other specific movements and can send this information to an emergency contact. This will let the site, CRAs and managers know if there is any adverse event in case of any accident with any patient.

• This latest version also have a FDA approved EKG to help diagnose heart diseases and other conditions. EKG is required in every study before the trials to run an EKG on patient to diagnose conditions and diseases.

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs can help to develop apps with better data that can help to better monitor patients and wearing this watch can also help to collect much better and cleaner data from sites. This can be a huge revolution in clinical industry when applied in future. It detects the conditions by reading the pulse of the person wearing it.


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