Applying As an Internal Vs External Candidate - Clinical Research

Clinical research industry is a well reputed industry where people want to start their career right after their graduation and the employees at CRO company wants to get to the higher positions especially their main goals is to achieve CRA position that is the most in demand, advantageous and flexible job.

For an available position in a company, there can be two types of candidates and both have different advantages while applying for the company as follows:

  1. Internal candidate:

Internal candidate is the one who is already working as an employee in a company with available position. There he has a company process to apply for the further position.


  • They can easily find the hiring manager and can email them, call them and can interact with them.
  • They know people and have a network in their company through which they can easily get promotion to that position.
  • People in the company know each other and can easily refer their own candidate for the available position.
  • They are well aware of the company culture and they can easily adopt the position and its responsibilities.
  • Recruiters prefer internal candidate because they know that they will have to pay more to the external candidate.
  • They have all the required trainings and protocol knowledge to operate within the company.


  1. External candidate:

External candidate is the one who belong to another company or from another industry and wants to apply for the position.


  • External candidates bring new ideas into the company because they have a different perspective as they were working for another organization.
  • They came to the company with new energy and do not get bored of the company culture as they learn everything new.
  • They don’t have friends and they work for couple of months to prove themselves.
  • They are paid more depending upon their experience level.
  • Recruiters also prefer hiring external candidates as they will work harder as compared to internal candidate who is well aware of the company’s culture.



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