Bad Line Manager Relationships - Clinical Research Industry

Line manager is the only person who is responsible for employee’s promotions, bonuses and to recommend them for any position but all these things depends upon the situations and attitude of manager. There are directors above the manager position and when they come up with any situation that is negative or positive they deal with them according to their relationship with their managers that directly impact the employee beneath the manager. The director deals with the people beneath him according to the relation between them whether it’s in the disadvantage of the company.

A bad relationship with line manager can be cruel and he can restrict your leaves, lunch breaks and any kind of flexibility. But when you are passionate and completing your task on time and according to the protocols and responsive then no one can question you and your work.

Bad managers can criticize their employees without any cause and always trying to humiliate them and trying to burden their work. In order to avoid such situation, you should have all the documents of your work, every single email and recordings of the conversations because HR department will always demand documents as a proof of your work.

Bad management can damage the company by harassing their employees that can delay company’s goals and achievements. There are high turnover rates in those companies with bad manager and bad management.



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