Be a Study Coordinator Right Now!

People who want to start their career in clinical research industry but they do not have any CRO industry related experience, they should start from the entry level positions.

Study coordinator is best:

Study coordinator is the best entry level position to learn clinical research side of things. A study coordinator work at site, manages the study, study data, answer queries, making action item logs, reviewing protocols and work closely to the research. He develops all the necessary skills and gain experiences of the CRO research industry that are required from a CRA to monitor sites and he can apply for the CRA position in future after working as a study coordinator for two years.

Recruiting sites:

Career seeker should always keep tracking the opportunities for entry level positions and for this purpose they can use various websites as LinkedIn, glassdoor and These are the websites where recruiters post their available job positions in their company.


Using, people can find out their desired career opportunities and in their desired location. Study coordinator is the entry level position that has a lot of job opportunities and companies post opportunities every day and also mention their requirements. All the responsibilities are mentioned with the position along with all the benefits, perks and money that company is providing for that position.

Keep tracking:

People should track recruiters through their company websites and other recruiting sites every week in order to find a way to get their foot in clinical research industry.


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