Best Way to Network over the Holidays

In clinical industry, things shut down due to the holidays that can be a New Year holiday and Christmas. In such holidays people are having vacations and taking PTOs, sites are shut down, employees are not at work and hiring managers and recruiter are also having holiday parties and CROs stop for those holidays.

Instead of enjoying these holidays, people who are looking for their career in clinical industry should use these holidays in order to make new networks with people and especially with recruiter and someone who is an employee at any CRO.

In holidays, people are in good mood, kind and they can be very helpful. Make sure to get invited by any friend at the CRO holiday party where you can make a golden move to make a worthy network because in CRO holiday party, hiring manager, recruiters and all the employees of CRO are present. Make sure to talk to these people and having a healthy conversation. You can contact these people later on through email and can have a one-on-one meeting with them. They can help you to get to the right person and can refer you for the interview.

This holiday utilization strategy can be beneficial for those who are already in a CRO but are looking for promotions and for career progressions.



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