Best Ways In House CRA's Can Help Field CRA's

CRA performs remote monitoring tasks which can be different for every organization. In- house CRAs are responsible for submitting the documents into the TMF by collecting them from the field CRA and these documents are reachable to CRAs who perform site qualification visit. In-house CRAs are responsible for making monitoring calls with the site and answering queries from the sites but the only thing that they lack is they cannot travel and are responsible for all the office work.

In-house CRAs can help a field CRA to manage the action items and queries because mostly in-house CRAs and field CRAs work as a team. They do not compete with each other. Both have the same purpose to monitor the site. They create action items and they create their own separate action items but when working together they are able to close down these action items faster.

In-house CRA and filed CRA work together to complete all the action items and answer all the queries to avoid any problem at the site and site cannot not question about the action item when it is completed.

In-house CRAs and field CRAs always stay busy as in-house CRA stay busy in all the office work and answering to queries and site calls while field CRAs stay busy in monitoring and visiting their assigned sites.



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