Big or Small CRO and which is better?

There are many differences in big and small CROs and in the ways they operate. Some of the main differences are given below:

  1. Pay:

Big CROs always pay more money because they have more assets than small CROs. Big CROs make more money and are also able to invest money back to their CROs and can pay you double in comparison to small CROs.

  1. Experience:

While working in big CROs, employees are bound to few task as meeting minutes and collecting documents from sites because they don’t have much experience of things like monitoring and there are many people operating other task and you are not able to learn and experience much. But in small CROs they do not have much staff and a single employee is doing so many tasks. Employees in small CROs have broader experience and a bigger experience profile as compared to big CROs.

  1. Benefits and perks:

Big CROs are making more money as compared to small CROS. Hence they will offer more benefits as compared to small CROs. Big CROs offer health packages and pay for other expenses as lunch expenses, travelling expenses and for gym memberships. On the contrary, small CROs also make their employee as comfortable as they can but not as much as big CROs.

  1. Bureaucracy:

Bureaucracy can be a huge headache in big CROs where employees and their opinions are not given that much importance but in small CROS, they are given a specific place and are marked as vital part in a team. In small CROs, nothing is hidden and you can get the experience of anything from any other colleague and can easily take advantage from any training program but big CROs lack such opportunities to learn more. Small CROs don’t have any bureaucracy and are better in this case.

  1. Career progression:

In big CROs bureaucracy is also involved in career progression and it depends on your network. There are many rules and regulations but career progression is still difficult and a lot of people. In small CROs, people can get more experience by doing so many tasks at same time and are capable for progression in their career and other people also know about their abilities. Having more experience and abilities can help to progress everywhere in clinical industry.



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