Big Pharmas Frustrated With Lack of CRO Options

Sponsors are getting frustrated by a lot of unification in clinical industry because these merges cease many opportunities. Sponsors are disappointed because they are not left with so many options to sponsor studies because all the mid-sized CROs are getting bought up by bigger CROs and it decreases the competition, due to which there are high prices to run studies. These huge CROs are not going to work with most of the sponsors and it seems to be an ownership that is occupying the market of clinical industry.

A lot of small CROs are taking initiatives in the industry as they think of it as a most rewarding business and these small CROs are able to do only one study at a time or have only one medical study equipment to work. These small CROs will take too long to grow and to manage their place in the industry and market which is only possible by becoming the main client of the mid-sized CROs.

Sponsors are frustrated because they want to be the main character in CRO as they are investing billions of dollars in studies. It has become difficult as the CROs grow bigger and bigger by buying small and mid-sized CROs, they do not offer such services to the sponsors as they want. These merges of CROs are only beneficial for the owners of the CROs and the people at higher positions of executives.



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