Basics of Biohacking

Take a targeted approach to self-improvement

Biohacking uses science and technology to enable people to become the best version of themselves. Everyone can apply biohacking techniques to achieve optimal healthy living on a regular basis, according to an article in Life Advantage.

Biohacking, the article explained, is “an ever-growing field that encompasses much of what we do as humans seeking to live in the most fulfilling, healthy and productive way possible.” While the biohacking concept may be unfamiliar to some people, it includes many of the things that people currently do or aspire to do.

The essence of biohacking is improvement, based on the idea that it is simply human nature to pursue progress. People desire to have easier, better, faster, more efficient approaches to everything, starting with the human body. While the body is the home of every human that carries people through life, the body is also subject to disease, age, environment and personal limitations. Biohacking may have the potential to change that.

Because improving human biology is a reality, the results can be impressive. The article identified four main areas of biohacking that can be beneficial.

To get a baseline for the biology a person would like to improve upon, try biohacking analytics. It enables someone to track things such as heart rate, sleep cycles, blood sugar, step count and even the speed and distance of workouts.  Upon establishing a baseline, a person can more accurately track his or her biohacking efforts.

In the area of technology, biohacking can provide a bright future when things go wrong with the human body. Such futuristic technology can help amputees to have fully functioning prosthetic limbs, people with health concerns to take a pill that can tell the doctor exactly what is going on inside the body or exoskeletons that can protect soldiers or skilled laborers.

Biohacking can provide a special environment when the body needs healing from sickness or injury. It can change the temperature, air conditions and other factors in order to promote healing, reverse aging and otherwise improve wellness. According to the article, “Cryo-chambers claim to reduce inflammation, Hyperbaric chambers claim to rejuvenate cells and encourage blood vessel growth. Even simply buying and using Himalayan Salt Lamps claim to enhance negative ions promoting relaxation and health. Biohacking environments is a huge field of research to find new ways we can impact our bodies for good.”

Nutrition and exercise have always been a key factor in biohacking. Biohacking nutrition means to make healthier dietary choices to support the best body function. Biohacking exercise means to decide to lose weight or build muscle and to participate in the activities that move someone toward these results. Better inputs impact better outputs, such as behavior, health and performance.

The author of the article concludes that most people are engaging in their own personal biohacking today, but they are not thinking of it that way. The author concludes, “By shifting the focus onto our bodies and biology, we can take a more targeted approach to improving daily function, baseline health and productivity. Though each of our goals may be different, biohacking can be used as the universal approach to self-improvement.”



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