Bracket buys out mProve Health


Merging Technical Know-How

In the continuing phenomenon of smaller clinical trial organizers and related companies being swallowed up by larger ones, mProve Health Incorporated has been acquired by Bracket, according to a recent press release from Bracket.

Both companies serve the pharma industry and contract research organizations. Bracket provides services and equipment for clinical trials while mProve makes mobile sensors for trials. The merger will further the use of portable devices in clinical trials. Both companies support of technology-enabled clinical trials that improve patient engagement through the use of "Bring Your Own Device" mobile tools.

Bracket has been a leader in the use of digitization in clinical trials, developing the Electronic clinical Outcomes Assessments (eCOA). Based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Bracket has nine offices and more than 700 employees worldwide. The clinical trial technology and specialty services provider attempts to help biopharmaceutical sponsors and contract research organizations to increase the power of their clinical research data by leveraging core competencies in science, technology and service.

Meanwhile, mProve is responsible for mPulse, an Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) system that allows for remote gathering of data. Helping clinical researchers to connect better with patients, mProve offers remote systems for patient recruitment and management. Eighteen of the twenty biggest drug companies use mProve products in some 15,000 clinical research settings in more than 60 countries, and they are translated into more than 50 languages to support patients worldwide. , helping them connect better with patients. The company offers industry-grade, regulatory compliant mobile solutions.

KNect 365 reports that fully 94 percent of clinical trial organizers it queried expect to use these technologies in the future, surpassing big data (86 percent) and cloud technology for EMRs (84 percent). Based on this research, it would appear that mHealth technology could represent one of the most powerful opportunities in clinical trials. While mainstream eCOA providers are pressed to retrofit their systems to support emerging mHealth technologies and the BYOD movement, Bracket is now in a good position for success with native mHealth capability.

Jeff Kinell, chief executive officer of Bracket, says, "We are excited to announce the acquisition of mProve as we take a major step forward in our support of tech-enabled clinical trials. As an early adopter of mHealth and BYOD, we recognize how these movements empower patients to become partners in their trials, and subsequently, deliver more accurate PRO and increase the likelihood of a successful trial."

Jeff Lee, chief executive officer of mProve, adds, "This acquisition is an opportunity to bring the shared visions of mProve and Bracket into focus. Both organizations center on improving patient engagement and driving adoption of the mHealth to do so. Together, we are well situated for a future of tech-enabled clinical trials."

David Golde, director at Genstar Capital, states, "We are excited to be supporting Bracket's first acquisition under Genstar ownership. Combined, Bracket and mProve's solutions will deliver increased value to clinical trials through the greater use of technology. We look forward to working with Bracket management to continue pursuing strategic acquisitions that allow Bracket to better serve its customers."


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