Break Into Clinical Research Field 2019 Edition

People when applying in the clinical industry for the next coming year should keep in mind that there can be a recession where market can go down and industries become conservative and start working on their core projects instead of working on so many projects that is not good for the people who are looking for their career in clinical industry. CROs can start layoffs and will not hire any new employee which can make it difficult to get your foot in the clinical industry.


On the contrary, there is hope left aside as most of the experienced people who have been working for CROs for years have their thoughts that these new years and recessions has nothing to do with pharmaceutical industries but it can only effect their incentives and bonuses.

Despite of this hope, CROs can cease hiring in down year or can make the hiring slow. So, applicants should be patient, passionate and consistent because hiring is also possible in recessions.

Don’t left before getting hiring letter:

People who are looking for transition in their positions and wants to jump to another CRO should not leave their job until they get hiring letter from another company because if you are applying at another company after leaving your first job, it could be difficult and can take months to get another job especially in the time of recessions.

Apply aggressively and be patient:

In the year of recession, people should apply more aggressively for the job in clinical industry. They should submit more than two hundred applications for different positions despite of what is the required experience. Keep visiting and apply through different websites as, LinkedIn and where you can find job postings by the recruiters. Stay patient and keep applying. This application process can take months but are very helpful to get into the industry.


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