Can An Ugly Male Be A Clinical Research Associate?

Anyone can become a clinical research associate whether it’s black or white and there is no restrictions and racism in clinical research industry. A CRA has to face a lot of people whether they are clients, study coordinators and PIs and have to build relations with them. Clinical research industry is a female dominant industry because most of the females are very well in the profession of nurse that helps them well to get into the clinical research industry.

Experience and capabilities:

Clinical research industry is experience based industry where they do not care about the race, color and beauty of their employee. They only care about their employee’s capabilities to build reports, his knowledge about protocols and about the studies. CROs want CRAs who are very conscious about their work and who pay attention to all the details, good team worker and responsive. These are the required skills from the clinical research associates that come with experience.

This clinical research industry is about mind and abilities when you are working on site and providing services to the clients.



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