Can I Be a CRA If I Have A Family?

People can work in clinical research industry as clinical research associate but it’s very difficult. Having family give rise to a lot of responsibilities and it’s hard to maintain a reasonable social and domestic life outside the job. While in a relationship which can be critical or having a wife with kids can be difficult to manage along with working as CRA because this position requires seventy to eighty percent of travel.

Travelling for work:-

CRA position includes monitoring responsibilities that includes travelling and being on roads for almost eighty percent of the time during working hours in a week. This makes it very hard to maintain a family. They are working for all the time when they are travelling.

People left:-

People left CRA position for working for few years as CRA to settle down in a role as in-house CRA or a clinical trial lead that do not require travelling. This helps them to engage with their family maintaining their social life. CRA position has huge perks but people with families suffer mostly.

Not suitable:-

CRA position is not suitable for those who are thinking about starting a family, getting into a relationship and having kids because they left with only twenty percent of time as they travel eighty percent for the company’s work. For the rest of their time as weekends, they take rest to rid of all the travelling frustration.


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