Can I Still Help My Old Department - Clinical Research Industry

When working in clinical research industry, there are a lot of turnovers and transitions that can be within the company from department to department and from one company to another.

After transitioning their job, people can also help the colleagues from their past job and department only when they have changed their department within the company but helping them will be impossible in case of transition to another company.

Within company:

When the transition is within the company, employees can help out to their past department colleagues but they also have some time restrictions from their new line managers that they cannot help them more than ten minutes because they have to invest that time to learn their new role and should focus on it.


When having a transition to another department with a new role, employee’s main focus should be on their new role to learn all the new protocols and responsibilities. This training period can last up to a month to memorize and learn the new role.  Helping the former colleagues with the past tasks can be a hurdle to focus and learn new role.


That training time is your learning period to learn the new role with the best of your ability instead of putting that time into something that will hold you back. While helping out to former colleague, make sure that it won’t take more than ten minutes and you should say sorry when it’s a lengthy task.


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