Can You Take Too Many Meeting Minutes?

People get into clinical research industry from different qualification backgrounds as some are PHDs, MDs and medical scholars but mostly are the graduates. They expect their roles in the industry to be high depending upon their qualification without realizing that it’s the experience that is only kept in account while joining CRO space. They get into clinical industry on entry level positions performing entry level jobs as doing meeting minutes. Meeting minute I an entry level task but it also require some CRO experience to perform it in an efficient and accurate manner.

Frustrating but necessary:-

People find meeting minutes as a frustrating job as thinking of them being capable of doing something bigger than meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are necessary because they help to recall the decisions and discussions that were made in the meeting if anything went missing.

Process of meeting minutes:-

Process of meeting minutes include agenda creation before the meeting, writing minutes before or after the meeting, setting them out to the team, following up on team members to ensure that they are reviewing them and uploading to the proper database or trial master file.

·        All the above procedures make one set of meeting minutes.

Number of meeting minutes:-

·        One set of performing meeting minute of an hour on weekly basis is reasonable for one person. Doing one for a new employee is good because it help him with the practice and understanding the conversation in meeting that is itself a good skill. This also benefits that person to participate in other allocated studies.

·        Two sets weekly are possible.

·        Three set can be time consuming but it can be done especially when you are experienced.

·        Doing four sets of meeting minutes on weekly basis is not impossible but it’s frustrating. Four set a week can hardly be done including weekends but writing agenda and then writing the minutes is time consuming and it’s a thought process. It is not sustainable in a week, people burnt out and all other tasks will be messed.

·        Do never say yes for doing more than five sets of meeting minutes on weekly basis because it’s impossible.

One or two are beneficial:-

Performing one or two meeting minutes on weekly basis is very helpful because they help in many ways as for time management skills, clinical research experience, enough time for other activities and specifically they help in learning a lot about clinical research trials because that person is going to be the only person dealing with those protocols for research trials that will provide him enough experience of how the research works.

Team work on trials:-

People can work in teams on a single study trial and have responsibilities to make the trial master files for the study along with doing its meeting minutes. If two individuals are working on a study and have to make set of meeting minutes for each meeting and one of them goes on a vacation, one partner has to perform rest of the sets of meeting minutes. This increases the number of sets but more than three sets of meeting minutes are not sustainable on weekly basis.


Improvement in meeting minutes:-

Improvement in meeting minutes come with experience but improvements can also be made by attending the kick-off meetings at the very beginning of trials. In kick-off meetings, all the high level authorities discuss the overviews and macro levels of the study trials which help to understand the study, specific terms and procedures that will occur during the study.


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