Career Growth and Getting Your First Clinical Research Job

There is a lot of demand for the professional having experience in CRO industry and getting experience can be difficult as it’s difficult to get a career initiative in CRO industry. People who have experience of research work and other professions relevant to pharmaceutical industry are very fortunate in case of their career growth in CRO industry.

CRA in demand:

People get into the CRO industry and gain long term experience that take them to further promotions and career progressions. Most of the people want to become CRA as it is very flexible job position with a huge industry demand and their job is based on travelling that can be outside the country. They can work remotely from home depending upon their schedule when they have nothing much important to attend at office.


Attending office is beneficial because employees can interact with their colleagues, project team, project managers and principle scientists and all these things provide best opportunities to learn. In the beginning it’s necessary to attend office in order to gain experience and learn from the experienced colleagues and seniors.

  • Attending office also provides an opportunity for networking with colleagues and people at higher positions by attending them in lunch break at cafeteria and coffee.

Best position to start:

  • In order to start career in CRO industry, best entry level position is clinical trial associate (CTA) at sponsor and at CRO level is the best opportunity which also leads to CRA position in future.
  • Starting as a study coordinator is also a good decision as it gives experience of site, dealing with patients and documentation.

Don’t be picky:

While starting in CRO industry, people should not be picky as starting in a position that doesn’t have further career progressions and demands in future. People stuck in lower positions for years because they do not get all those experiences that can give them success and progress in future.


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