Career Paths for Study Coordinators - Clinical Research

Study coordinators have their own goals to get to the CRO level, sponsor level and to get the position with more benefits and money that is a bit difficult especially through staying at the site.

Ø There are different ways and roles that can benefit the study coordinators to get to their goals.


Study coordinators can struggle for their goals in CRO space and for this purpose, they can start from their resume by adding more experience, research related experiences and keywords related to the job they want to apply for. This can be beneficial for them to enhance their chances of getting interviewed and getting the more job opportunities.

Difficult at site level:

It is difficult for the study coordinators for moving up at the site level because there are also other levels of study coordinators as level 1, 2, and 3. There are also site manager positions that are difficult for the study coordinator to get because it require much experience and most of the times, these positions and opportunities are not available as the owner of the site are fulfilling those responsibilities.

Interest for CRA role:

Best way to reach the sponsor level for the study coordinators is through becoming a CRA and getting that experience because sponsors hire CRAs with experience when they want to bring the work and tasks in-house.

Becoming CRA is also a best and easiest opportunity for the study coordinators after getting the experience. Study coordinators can easily get CRA experience as they work closely with CRAs and sites and they participate in almost every site qualification, site initiation and intra-monitoring visits and closeout visits. Study coordinators work hands in hands with the CRAs in running the trials.

Companies also provide opportunities for the study coordinators to become CRAs and arrange training programs for the CRA positions especially for the study coordinators in order to create more CRA for the CRO space that gives best opportunity to the study coordinators to get into the CRO a CRA.

In-house CRA:

In-house CRA is another best role for the study coordinators to get into the CRO having the responsibilities for helping the CRA for the collection of documents from the sites, remote monitoring and all the tasks that do not require going to the sites as IP accountability and source data verification cannot be done by in-house CRAs because these can only be done by visiting the sites personally.

Study start-up specialist:

This is a very unique position in CRO space and these specialists are responsible for the CROs with their study start-ups. Study start-up specialists are responsible for collecting financial disclosure forms from PIS and sub-Is, GCP training from initial site staff, protocol signature pages and responsible for all the documentations involving startup procedures facilitating the beginning of the trials. Once the trials are start, their job is done and they hand off the trials to the project team.

This role is the perfect fit for the study coordinators because they are well verse of handling all those documents and working with the sites in starting study trials.

These are some of the career paths that can lead study coordinators to the higher levels of success and higher levels of CRO.


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