Career Progression as A Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

If a person wants career progression and is looking for a change in his CRA position then clinical operation leader raw is a good option. Clinical operation leader also face sites but most of his interactions are with clients and he is responsible for the assigned projects. He can also coordinate in project team’s activities to ensure that the required results are achieved.

In future, that person should go for the project management role who deals with all the finances of the project while working within the sites and he is also able to interact and deal with the sponsors, which is good thing to experience in order to have great progress in career.

If a person wants to get in clinical industry then he should apply for the in-house roles as data management because it is hard to start as a CRA without having any experience or any past experience of working as a study coordinator. Despite of CRA position, depending upon your experience and education, there are many other positions you can apply for such as clinical monitoring associate, clinical trial specialist, clinical trial associate, assistant project specialist and clinical data associates. These positions can be very helpful for your career in future.


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