Clinical development, Real World Evidence and Change

As the healthcare industry is moving forward, it’s their contention to do three things better as compared to past.

  1. The first thing is clinical development that should be far more rigorous in term of technology, data, evidence and therapeutic expertise. These should be used to make decisions as opposed to assumptions and past experiences.
  2. The second thing is the use of real-world evidence. It is used by most of the industries but it’s still not industrialized. There are not much industries having real world evidence platform that R&D and medics can use, that marketing has access to and pricing reimbursement has access to. Industrialization builds the platform that helps in making decisions for both payers and providers and also internally.
  3. There should be new ways to launch medicines to market as the patients are less and messages are much more complex for stakeholders.

These are the three things that industry needs to do better to reverse the conundrum and equation of faster cost growth versus sales growth.


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