Clinical Research Associate Candidates Are Lying!

CRA position is one of the best positions in clinical research industry that has huge perks. CRAs have to travel a lot that attracts mostly the people who love to travel and most of their expenses are paid by the company. People who want start their career in clinical research industry have their goals to reach the CRA positions to gain all those benefits, perks and high leverages. It’s hard in both ways to get into CRO space and then achieving CRA position because it requires experience and skills.

People lie:-

Most of the people lie about their credentials to get into CRA position without knowing the difference between lying and embellishing. Embellishing means a person is having an experience but is making it sound like he did more. As he has performed monitoring responsibilities on one study but mentioning about two in interviews. Lying is straight up saying that he has done something that has never done.

How to navigate:-

Interviewers are mostly not able to navigate if the candidate is lying about his credentials and experiences. They face questioning from their hiring managers that they should be able to know if he’s lying or not. The applicants make frauds as they forward their interview calls to someone as their friend having experience about industry and the role he is applying for.



Hiring approach:-

A robust interview process and hiring approach including multiple qualification checkpoints beyond the initial phone interview should be utilized in order to protect the organization from any fraud.

Recruiters or interviewers should conduct longer interviews from the candidates and should ask more clinical research and position related queries. Candidates should be able to give answers to all the in-depth queries and insights without getting confused in order to satisfy the recruiters and his position.

No one is going to get hired directly from the phone screen and recruiters will be able to recognize fraud by using the diligence approach. In this approach, candidate has to go through the phone screen and then face-to-face screening that will help to understand if that person is the actual candidate or a fraud.

Frauds make mistakes:-

People who have no experience of CRA but manage to get the position will make mistakes at site. They will make mistakes, ask basic dumb questions and will not be able to perform their tasks on site. CRA is job where it’s very hard to manage logistics, travelling schedules, attending and giving response to phone calls and other monitoring tasks that is not possible without appropriate experience.

Face-to-face interview:-

In remote interview, recruiters mostly make behavioral questions and casual queries. It’s the face-to-face interview where they make specific and in-depth queries and more insights about the industry and position such as about reporting an SAE and ICH-GCP and various other back to back questions.

Don’t lie:-

People should not lie about their credibility and experience when applying for a job in CRO space because they will be exposed at any point. Their performance at the site will reveal everything about their skills, capabilities and experience that will have a huge negative impact on his reputation within the industry.


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