Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Shortage Solved?

In this era of the substantial clinical industry with a lot of studies and trials, there is a massive shortage of CRAs in the clinical sector, who are responsible for conducting site initiation visits and pre-study visits. These CRAs make enough money and also work remotely, and they are in huge demand, but still, there is a shortage of CRAs in industry. This shortage of CRAs gives rise to colossal turnover rate because there is an increased workload on the present employees and they jump to another company.

A lot of companies start CRA training program to overcome this shortage of CRA by helping people with no experience to become CRAs, and when applying for the clinical industry there are a lot of training programs and entry-level positions as well.

A collaboration of VIARES, SEC recruitment, a clinical staffing firm, and IAOCR, this partnership is called as IN AWE. In this AWE, they are trying to find out people with no experience but having abilities and are capable of being a CRA and giving them proper opportunities and training to work as a CRA. This idea can work well because young people can work with more passion and they like to travel that is the most important part of duties of CRA and giving training to these young talents will solve the shortage problem of CRAs in clinical industry. Universities and educational institutions should also give awareness about this clinical industry because a lot of people do not even know about this industry and telling students that they can have a good career in this industry.

 This shortage of CRAs and their turnover together are disappointing the sponsors due to the delays in studies as they are investing money and want their work to be done in time.

Sponsors can play a part in solving this problem by accepting people with abilities rather than focusing on what experience they have. This can solve the shortage problem because there are not enough CRAs with such expertise and taking capable people with abilities can be the only assistance. CROs are offering yearly and six-month CRA training programs to train young people with no experience to make them competent, which can help sponsors to accept them for their studies. These sponsors are investing millions of dollar for their studies, so they want their money to be well spent, and they want people with both experience and abilities but accepting young skillful CRAs can help to solve this shortage issue.



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