Clinical Research Entry Level Salary Expectations

Clinical industries pay their employees according to their positions and years of experience they have. Starting as a contractor in a CRO can get paid differently that can be on hourly basis and can be salaried and depends upon the project they are working on and people at other entry level roles are also paid differently.

  1. All different CROs as IQVIA, ICON and other organizations pay differently to the entry level employees and most of them give start to their employees as six month contractors where they pay them hourly and then hire them for a full time job.
  2. There are some recruiting agencies as Aerotek and they work for the CROs by helping them in recruiting employees and pay employees by getting paid by the CRO they are recruiting for.


Clinical trial assistants:

Working at entry level position of clinical trial assistant (CTA) are also paid in five figure salary that can be around forty thousand per year that include other yearly increments.

Project coordinator:

Project coordinators are also paid five figure salary as forty five thousand to fifty thousand dollars per year and these salaries also depend on CRO as you are working for a huge CRO or for a small CRO.

Project specialists:

Project specialists are paid around fifty five thousand dollars per year and it is hard to get into CRO as project specialist because it require clinical research experience and bench research experience that can be through internships.

In-house CRA:

In-house CRA positions is not count as one of the entry level positions and in most of the CROs they perform most of the monitoring tasks instead of data entry. Sponsors also demand experience in-house CRA for their studies. In-house CRA are paid around seventy thousand dollars per year but it’s not included in entry level positions.

People starting as in-house CRA get paid around forty six thousand dollars per year.

Clinical trial associate (CRA):

CRA is not an entry level position and sponsors demand minimum of two year experience from CRAs to work on their studies. There are some CROs which offer training programs to freshly medical graduates where they train them as CRAs and pay them around fifty thousand dollars per year.

Study coordinator:

This is the best entry level positions which are paid around fifty thousand dollars per year. Study coordinators do have more career progressions and can easily become CRA because these are the one who work closely to research sites.


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