Clinical Research Experience or the Money

When working in a CRO space, employees get a lot of opportunities with the help of which they can make money and can also take experience but it is up to them to choose one.

Short term decision:

Availing the opportunity where they can make money is a short term decision where they can make money and also a little bit of experience but it cannot be helpful for their future career progressions and goals in clinical industry. They can make more money for present but they will not be able to find more progressions and promotions in future.

Long term decision:

People with a career goal should always choose the opportunity for taking more and more experience instead of making money because availing money will completely change their career trajectory that can make it difficult to achieve the required experience to pursue future goals. This opportunity for experience is the long term decision where they will get paid much but it will be most beneficial for the career progressions, future goals and for high promotions.


Financial freedom maters:

Most of the people take short term decisions and choose money over experience because of their expenses and their responsibilities to fulfill. They do not get much time to make a decision because they don’t have financial freedom and have nothing in their bank accounts. On the contrary, people who have money in their banks and have financial freedom can take legitimate advantage because they have enough time to make a decision for opportunity selection.

Experience is everything:

In CRO industry, experience is everything. Sponsors want people with experience of two years to work on their studies because they are investing huge amount of money and paying them highly. Experience makes it easy to get started in CRO space and to get career progressions.



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