Clinical Research in Academia vs. Industry

People who are looking for transition from academia to industry should first know that academia and industry are completely different from each other and have different goals.


The purpose of academia is not to make money but to advance all the sciences behind the studies and drugs. Investigators and researchers in academia are always passionate to advance the sciences behind the studies and the trials.


Main focus of industries is to make money. CROs and pharmaceutical industries are setting sponsors who always wish ROIs on their studies and on their investment for their study drugs. These CROs send their drugs to the market and make money of it. Working environment of the CROs is very competitive and increasing workload that can be difficult for the people from academia to adopt because life in academia is relaxing as compared to industry.


People who are looking for a transition from academia to industry should also know that it can be difficult for them especially when they don’t have good network and experience regarding to the   resume can also slow down their transition. They can make transition a bit easier by improving their resume by making some good changes and adding keywords, industry related information, your involvement in specific tasks and best experiences.


There are a lot of changes in ongoing basis in industry that can be changes in software’s they use, a lot of merges and acquisitions and there are high turnovers in CRO industry.


  • Two major changes in academia to industry are as follows:

            1.Pace of the work and everything within the industry is completely different.

            2.Huge turnover ratios t6hat can cause change in systems, personnel and change in leadership.



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