Clinical Research Internal Candidate Interview Review

When applying for the job opportunities and having an interview with the recruiter, it depends upon the character, vibe and personality of the recruiter in order to make the interview successful. They can select you for the job when they find you cooperative and gives value to the people in your surroundings instead of your skills and capabilities.

There are always positions and opportunities available within the company and internal candidates of the company can also apply for the position.


Networking is the best tool that let you know when there is any available position within the company and you develop this network by making healthy relationships with people from other department and position within the company. These connections can also refer you for any better opportunity because they are well aware of your ethic, abilities and skills.

Internal applicant:

For an internal candidate, the recruiter and hiring managers provide them with a questionnaire having queries as why you want to apply for the role?, experience levels, participating studies from past and just few questions to answer and elaborate with any depth. These questionnaires are to be submitted back to the recruiters and they decide the date for interview in few days.

  • The recruiter give a call for interview to the applicant as they already have read all the information from the questionnaire and they can also gather other required information about the internal applicant because recruiters are in direct contact with the managers and his colleagues. They also knew about the applicant’s previous role.

Internal interview:

During the interview from the internal candidate, recruiters do not go into the depth of the role you are applying for and the responsibilities associated with that role. Most of the questions asked by the recruiters are behavioral and they want to know that how you deal with situations and when things are not going as planned. They want to know if you are a perfect fit for the role. They can ask questions according to the experiences and skills mentioned in the application or resume.


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